GET INVOLVED | Make a Fundred

Get involved, mobilize and inspire! The fun, simple Fundred Dollar Bill Project will honor the value of your action toward the health of future generations. It’s this easy to participate:

Get Templates

Download + Print your own or Order Pre-Printed Fundred Templates.

Get Creative

Draw your Fundred Dollar Bill

Contribute your Fundred

Send in your Fundred(s) to be counted!

Use the Fundred Bundle Bands to record:

  1. Group/Organization
  2. Number of Bills
  3. City and State of Origin

Mail to:
The Fabric Workshop and Museum
a.k.a. The Philadelphia Fundred Mint
1214 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Attn: Christina Roberts

The Fundred counter and list of participating schools and organizations will be updated as Fundreds are received. Check out the interactive map here to see how many bills have been collected in your state!

Helpful Downloads:

  • Classroom Engagement (pdf) one page on the Who, What, Where, When + How of Fundred
  • Multiple Bundle Bands (pdf) bundle and label up to 100 Fundreds
  • Multiple Fundred Template (pdf) printer friendly version of 3 blank bill templates per page